Reading Room update – Schapp, Driesch, and Salmon

Now in the Reading Room you will find Wilhelm Schapp’s dissertation Beiträge zur Phänomenologie der Wahrnehmung (1910), Hans Driesch’s essay Die Phänomenologie und ihre Vieldeutigkeit (1931), and Christopher Verney Salmon’s “The Starting Point of Husserl’s Phenomenology,” from the Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, New Series, Vol. 30, (1929 – 1930), pp. 55-78.
We hope that you find these items useful for your research.

In addition, we would also like to share with you the Lebenslauf of Else Voigtländer, from her 1910 dissertation, Uber die Typen des Selbstgefuhls.  Below is a rough translation of the text, and an image of the original.

I, Else Voigtländer, was born in Kreuznach on the Nahe on 14 April, 1882 – the daughter of publisher and book dealer R. Voigtländer.  After my parents moved to Leipzig, I attended the private school for girls of Mathilde Büttner in Leipzig-Gohlis from the fall of 1888 to the fall of 1895, and then that of Marie Bauer in Leipzig from the fall of 1895 to Easter 1898.  From Easter 1899 to the fall of 1903, I attended high school courses for women in Leipzig, and in the fall of 1903 I received my diploma from the Neustädter Gymnasium in Dresden.  After I had busied myself with learning several sciences in Leipzig, I turned to the study of psychology and philosophy.  From Easter 1905 I studied in Munich, especially under the direction of Professor Lipps and later under that of Professor Pfänder.  On 19 November 1909, I had my oral examination in Munich.

Voigtlaender Lebenslauf

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