NYPPP 2016 – Phenomenology of Emotions: Systematic and Historical Perspectives

The New Yearbook for Phenomenology and Phenomenological Philosophy (2016)

Invites submissions on the following topic: 

Phenomenology of Emotions:
Systematic and Historical Perspectives

Guest Editors: Rodney K.B. Parker & Ignacio Quepons

The emotions (Gefühlen, Stimmungen) have been a topic of phenomenological analysis since the beginning of the phenomenological movement.  In recent years there has been a general turn toward a serious reconsideration of emotional experience in philosophy and in the social and cognitive sciences.  This has led to an increased interest in the phenomenological descriptions of emotion developed by Edmund Husserl and his early followers, and how their work might shed light on current problems and debates.

We welcome submissions on systematic and historical aspects of the phenomenology of emotions, with emphasis on Husserl and the early reception of his work on emotion; current developments in phenomenology of emotions; valuing and action in transcendental phenomenology; and the historical antecedents of the problem of the intentionality of emotions within phenomenological research. The writings of Franz Brentano, Edmund Husserl, Carl Stumpf, Theodor Lipps, Moritz Geiger, Alexander Pfänder, Max Scheler, Maximilian Beck, Else Voigtländer, Margarete Calinich, Aurel Kolnai and Stephan Strasser, among others, are of particular interest. We are open to receive contributions on the topic of intentionality of emotions in other philosophical traditions if the paper emphasizes, compares or criticizes an important aspect of the phenomenological account of emotions.

Articles can be no longer than 75.000 characters, including spaces and footnotes. All submissions should be prepared for blind review, and sent to queponsi@seattleu.edu by 30 December, 2015.

Confirmed invited contributors:

Anthony Steinbock Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Antonio Zirión Q. National and Autonomous University of Mexico
Ingrid Vendrell Ferran University of Marburg
Mariano Crespo University of Navarra
John Drummond  Fordham University
Panos Theodorou University of Crete

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