Phenomenological Investigations

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Volume 1 (2021)

Aims and Scope

Phenomenological Investigations is the official journal of the North American Society for Early Phenomenology. This open access, English language journal publishes both historically and systematically oriented articles focused on members of the phenomenological movement broadly construed as well as original philosophical research rooted in the phenomenological tradition. With the goal of making the thought of early phenomenologists more accessible and to engage their writings in contemporary debates, Phenomenological Investigations also invites English translations of relevant texts. Phenomenological Investigations aims to be a venue for careful and critical textual analysis, as well as the development and application of the phenomenological method. All scholars working in phenomenology are encouraged to submit.

Submission guidelines

Submissions to Phenomenological Investigations should be prepared for blind review, and sent to in .doc, .docx, or .odt format.

Formatting requirements can be found here.

Phenomenological Investigations is hosted by the Open Commons of Phenomenology. The journal will accept submissions on a rolling basis and, at the end of the year, finalize the published papers as that year’s issue. Papers published in Phenomenological Investigations will always be accessible for free.

Last updated 16 June 2021.


Charlene Elsby

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