Reading Room Update – Critical works by Kynast, Kreis, and Misch

Now in the Reading Room you can access some works that were critical of early phenomenology.

Rienhard Kynast was a student Richard Hönigswald, who was in turn a student of Alois Riehl and Alexius Meinong.  We have provided a copy of Kynast’s book Das Problem der Phänomenologie (1917).

The next two books might be a little more familiar.  One is Friedrich KreisPhänomenologie und Kritizismus (1930).  Some will recognize this as one of the two works directly referenced in Eugen Fink‘s “Die phänomenologische Philosophie Edmund Husserls in der gegenwärtigen Kritik,” Kant-Studien (1933).

The other is Georg Misch‘s Lebensphilosophie und Phänomenologie (1931).  Misch, the student and son-in-law of Wilhelm Dilthey, criticizes both Husserl and Heidegger in this book from the standpoint of the Lebensphilosophie.
A translation of the correspondence between Misch and Husserl can be found in Bob Sandmeyer’s book Husserl’s Constitutive Phenomenology: Its Problem and Promise (2008).